What Size Marquee Do I Need?

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‘What marquee size do I need?’ is a question we inevitably get asked time and time again.  Here are a few things to consider:-

  • How many people am I expecting
  • What seating do I want….none, chairs, round tables, picnic benches etc
  • What else needs to go in the marquee….dance floor, stage, DJ booth, cake stand….
  • How much room do I have available

Once we have a good understanding of what you are trying to achieve with your event, we can accurately offer you the most suitable sizes.

As a rule we tend to advise people on a marquee slightly smaller than the amount of people invited. Why? Well, consider that at any given time people might be using the toilets, outside smoking or talking, at the bar, people will cancel, leave early and so on…In order to keep a good atmosphere we believe its better to go slightly smaller than slightly bigger.

An average 6x12m marquee will hold 120 people standing, 85 seated around round tables, and slightly more with a  rectangular table layout. If you then wanted to add in a dancefloor, stage and DJ area, we would suggest an 18x6m or possibly a 12x12m marquee.

marquee size
12x12m marquee

We have many sizes available.  Here is a rough guide to our most popular sizes:

Marquee size guideWe also have a planning tool on our website which you can play around with to see what layout works best for you, or give us a call and we will happily talk through your options and come out to your site and measure it out for you.